Frequently Asked Questions
What areas do you service?

We service all of South East QLD and Northern NSW. Some of our most popular locations are the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast.

Do we need an attendant?

Of course, this is vital for a successful photobooth experience! An attendant is there to help your guests in using the photobooth, should they ask for assistance, to insert a photostrip copy into your bonded leather photo album & encourage guests to write a message beside a copy of their photostrips, to fix any technical issues if they happen to arise, and to do all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to delivering and setting up the photobooth. Unattended photobooths frequently suffer from technical problems like running out of photo paper, running out of ink, printer jams, or unexpected hardware problems, but with a photobooth attendant any issues can be fixed on the fly and the fun can continue without a hitch. An attendant ensures that you are receiving the highest quality of product, during the event and at the end of the event when you will receive your beautifully filled out guest book and DVD. 

Do you have a good selection of props?
We supply a huge selection of fun props to ensure the entertainment continues for the entire booking. The more props, the more fun!
What sets us apart from the others?
  • Three different colour print options each time the guests us the booth
  • Video message option
  • Print quality — twice that of other photobooth companies
  • Huge selection of fun props
  • over 8 years of experience in the professional Photobooth industry with over 2,000 successful events to our credit
  • Incredible value for money pricing
  • Experienced personal photobooth attendants
  • Roomy, stylish photobooths can fit up 8 guests or more (we’ve had up to 11), or more for an open photobooth
  • Our fully portable booths are perfect for events hosted in hard to reach places
  • Our personally tailored photostrip design customization options
  • Our keepsake USB containing all of the photos and videos of the event, supplied on the night
  • Gorgeous Bonded Leather dry-mount photo album containing hand written notes and photostrips
Do you capture video in your photobooth?

Yes, one of the features that set our photobooths apart from the rest is that they are also videobooths that capture high definition video. What better way to remember your special day in the years to come, than to have a personal heartfelt, or amusing video message, captured on USB from family and friends. This extra comes to you free of charge and the resulting USB will be presented to you with our compliments.

What is the size of the photobooth?

Our deluxe photobooth measurements are 1.35m(W) x1.75m(L) x1.9m(H) and can accommodate 8 guests or more (we have had up to 11). We also offer an “open photobooth set up” which can capture up to 15 guests in shot. The open photobooth has no enclosed curtained section. The pricing is the same for all sizes of photobooth.

Do we get a copy of the pictures taken in the photobooth?

Yes you will receive a USB after your function containing all of the hi-res photos and video messages taken in the photobooth.

What colour options do we have for our prints?

Our professional photobooths have three colour options: colour, black and white, and ‘old school’ sepia.

How does the guest book work?

Our photobooths print two copies of each photostrip, one for your guests and one for insertion into your complimentary, professional black page dry-mount photo album by your attendant. Your guests then write a message beside their photostrip with the beautiful array of complimentary gel pens we supply.

What printers do you use?

We use the very best and latest professional thermal, dye sublimation printers that produce a print clarity that is exactly double that of other photobooth printers on the market. The prints are fast, touch dry and water proof immediately. The prints will last 100 years in our acid free photo albums.

What type of camera do you use?

 We use only professional quality Canon digital SLR cameras (the same as professional wedding photographers). Please beware, some photobooth companies use only webcams or i-pads for image capture.

Do you charge to set up the photobooth?
Your attendant will arrive approximately one hour prior to commencement to set up your photobooth. Set up is free of charge.
Do guests pay as they enter?

No. For most events (Weddings, Birthdays etc) your guests are welcome to take as many photostrips and video messages as they like, free of charge, unless the booked event is a fundraiser whereby the client has asked for a gold coin donation from the guests. We’re happy to assist for such events.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

We require a $250 deposit to secure your date, then the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event, you can pay by direct deposit, cash, or a cheque made payable to Photobooth Australia.

How much do you charge for travel?

Travel is free within 30 minutes of our bases in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast . A small charge may need to be added to events outside of this range.

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